Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Adventure Games in 2021

Despite the best efforts of several national governments, there is a reasonable chance that we could leave our homes at some point in 2021. But until then, there are plenty of adventure games we can play from the comfort of our homes. PC and consoles, and in no particular order, here are the most anticipated adventure games of 2021.

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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Frogwares championed the investigative adventure game with its old Sherlock Holmes titles. Now, after their first foray into open-world design with Lovecraftian The Sinking City, they’re returning to Sherlock Holmes with an all-new origin story for the world’s greatest investigator, taking with them everything they’ve learned. during the development of The Sinking City. To learn more, read our interview with Frogwares Head of Communications, Sergey Oganesyan.

Weird West

This immersive sim (from the former creative directors of Dishonored and Prey, no less) may be the most action-packed on the list, but it’s the world itself that makes it such an interesting adventure experience. . Players will explore the Weird West, a world where the paranormal and cowboys co-exist, unfortunately most of the time. The Weird West subgenre is remarkably unused, but where anyone has searched for gold here, they often find it. We sincerely hope that Weird West will be a fantastic game to explore in 2021.

The forgotten city

First created from a Skyrim mod which, like so many mods in the past, became so popular it demanded its own release, The Forgotten City, you’ll explore the ruins of an ancient Roman city in the past and present, witnessing his downfall and surviving the aftermath. With very polished graphics and an interesting time travel story, you’ll have plenty to explore in The Forgotten City.

The way

Bloober Team has really wanted to make a name for itself in recent years with titles like Blair Witch and Observer. The Medium continues its journey between horror and adventure games as you take on the role of the titular medium and walk the line between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Not much has been revealed about the plot yet, but the trailer is already enough to make us want to see more.

lost paradise

Retro futurism meets Slavic mythology in this abandoned Nazi bunker in the heart of Paradise Lost. The games featured on the Steam page also fall into “post-apocalyptic” just to round out some of the more interesting terms you may come across. Who doesn’t want to explore this bunker, uncover the secrets it might hide, and piece together the history of this strange and inviting world?

Martha is dead

The Martha is Dead trailers make you uncomfortable, but almost instantly slip a mystery to the back of my mind that longs to be solved. Set in 1944, this game doesn’t specifically revolve around World War II, but rather around the mysterious death of Martha in Tuscany. The threat of war draws closer and closer, but the murder itself is shrouded in strange folklore and horror as you try to piece it together. The trailers each take a bizarre look at the game, with everything from wet woods to elaborate puppet shows looking as unnerving as they are intriguing.

Syberia: The World Before

Syberia is one of the oldest adventure game series, although the third installment launched in 2017 proved to be very disappointing. However, Microids didn’t give up and partnered with Koalabs to create the new Syberia: The World Before game. A prologue launched for free last October and it’s been pretty well received so far, giving us hope for the full game.

Fans will play in two different timelines with two protagonists, regular main character Kate Walker in 2004 and Dana Roze in 1937.

Honorable Mentions

There are bound to be more adventure games worth playing in 2021. Beyond the aforementioned shortlist, you’d do well to keep watching for the following titles.

  • Spine
  • Farewell North
  • Model
  • A space for the unrelated
  • Saturnalia

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