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Updated September 14, 2021 – Updated list of the best adventure games for iOS

If you searched for the best iOS adventure games for iPad or iPhone, so look no further, we have compiled the list of the biggest and best games, which are sure to captivate you with a sense of wonder and wonder.

What are adventure games?

What are adventure games? Genre adventure seems like it can be added to so many different genres. Are narrative games adventures? What about exploration games? What about puzzle games? The answer is yes. Anything can be genre as long as you can have an adventure. And most games do.

It’s one of the oldest genres, and that means that over the years it’s seen quite a few twists and turns. But, if you can travel beyond the horizon, it almost certainly fits that category, especially if you have direct control over the characters on that journey.

What are the best adventure games for iPhone and iPad?

In this list, we’ve got everything from the hottest latest Gatcha jRPG thrills to time-consuming teenage adventures, and we stop everywhere in between, including some fantastic visual novels and text-based adventures. Phew.

Hell, that was a tough list to make, so we hope you really enjoy reading it. So, click the big button below to keep reading and check out our favorite adventure games for iPhone and iPad. If you think we’ve missed anything, please leave us a comment, as we occasionally revisit our various listings to make sure we’ve kept them completely up to date and true to the genre. Of course, if you like any of them, head over to the App Store and download your favorite adventure game for iOS!

Original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.


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