Indiana Jones May Introduce Younger Audiences to Adventure Games


Modern adventure games feature large amounts of violent action. However, Indiana Jones’ latest game could change that and attract younger players.

At the start of the game, titles like Trap gave way to the adventure game genre. As the medium shifted towards 3D, the genre evolved through games like Grave robber, one of the earliest examples of blending exhilarating story and adventure gameplay. However, the success of the genre is just as much tied to the sense of action that permeated each game.

Most adventure stories are about swashbuckling actions and last minute decisions that save the hero from certain death, but video game adventure titles also include massive shootouts and tactical strategies to help break puzzles and crossing segments. Although this has become the norm, the next Indiana Jones gaming could change that stigma and, in turn, help bring young audiences back to adventure games.

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The genre has always played with the real-life dangers that follow adventure. However, these moments are often played as more upbeat, with some perils occurring quickly and forcing players to think quickly. This is still implemented in games like Unexplored, where Nathan Drake is portrayed as an accident prone hero. On the other hand, Grave robber increases the consequences of the adventure by systematically displaying each death animation to ensure that the same error does not happen again. While this strategy works for the character, other games have run with this idea and have shown the tragic deaths of these heroes in detail. While mistakes in games often result in the death of characters, Indiana Jones could play it by cutting before the horrible moment, like in his movies.

Another standard of modern action games that could change with the new Indy game is the constant shootouts. Most third-person action-adventure titles feature a cover system that players can use while fighting in massive firefights. It has become a standard in the Unexplored openness and promotes a tactical way of fighting since one man cannot defeat an army head-on. While it does work, it can sometimes make the hero seem like they are enjoying the carnage when they have hundreds of deaths. The Grave robber The franchise tries to mix that up by adding stealthy elements, but its heavy emphasis on making Lara comfortable taking a life paints her in a much darker light.

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What makes Indiana Jones such an entertaining hero is the way he gets out of bad situations. While he’s no stranger to taking lives, he often uses his brain rather than his muscles. The movies show it with him using daring feats to get out of situations that end up putting the villain in a bad spot. For example, an enemy in Adventurer of the lost ark spends so much time fighting Indy that he never notices the plane’s propeller coming for him until it’s too late. While the hero wearing a felt hat isn’t afraid to shoot first and ask questions later, his primary focus is survival rather than combat. Implementing a similar playstyle where Indy doesn’t try to kill but take out or quickly evade enemies could help attract younger players who enjoy adventure but don’t care about shootouts. .

The adventure genre has the gift of appealing to audiences of all ages. This is why even after 40 years Indiana Jones is still an icon of the genre. Most of the other similar titles have focused on the violence that comes with the adventure. But Bethesda Indiana Jones has the unique opportunity to reinvent the wheel and show that there are different ways of handling combat in adventure games that focus less on body count and more on survival and quickness of mind. As a result, it will also be easier to present the game to a younger audience.

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