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How long has it been since you played a good adventure game? If part of your answer includes the word “LucasArts”, we need to talk. There has been a mini-renaissance in adventure games in recent years, in part because of the Telltale games (now defunct). Well, it’s time to refuel: thanks to the Humble Bundle you can get Adventure game titles valued at $ 174 for only $ 15.

As usual with Humble, you can pay whatever you want, and what you get depends on how much you spend. In that case, $ 1 gets you four games: The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, and Batman: The Enemy Within, all from Telltale Games, as well as the highly rated and heartbreaking ghost story Oxenfree.

There’s another breakpoint at $ 7.76, but if you pay $ 15 you get the whole caboodle, 13 games in all. The pack includes four additional Walking Dead titles, three in the Batman storyline, and two standalone titles: The Wolf Among Us by Telltale and Heaven’s Vault by Inkle.

Proceeds from this bundle go to diabetes research through JDRF, and as usual, you can choose what percentage of your donation goes to charity, Humble, and game publishers.

While we’ve undoubtedly seen more impressive offerings from Humble in the past, I’m charmed by this particular set of titles. The Telltale games – especially the Walking Dead series – breathed new life into the entire genre for a few years, and honestly, there isn’t a headache in this roundup. You want to know more ? Check out The Walking Dead: 400 Days review on GameSpot for a taste of what’s in this pack. And also read GameSpot’s review on Oxenfree while you’re at it.

This article first appeared earlier this week.

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