Best Foreign Language TV Shows for Money Heist Fans

Money theft is one of the best television shows of all time. Its unpredictable plot and wonderful characters helped make Money theft one of the best in the thriller genre. Fortunately, there are many worthy series similar to Money theft. These shows can boast of an interesting story, talented actors and fascinating characters.

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Some series look like Money theft in terms of ambiance, filming quality and solid editing. Another part looks alike with the unpredictable actions of the characters and an exciting storyline. The series that are most similar to Money theft involve the work of many talented people.

ten Queen Of The South Shows How To Build A Drug Empire And Get Rich – Spanish

Alice Braga from Queen of the South

One of the most ambitious female characters is Teresa Mendoza, played superbly by Alice Braga in queen of the south. queen of the south is based on the telenovela The Queen of Sur. Teresa’s story is quite difficult. She goes into hiding when her boyfriend was killed in Mexico. She travels to the United States, forced to eliminate the leader of a drug ring that pursues her.

After a while, she realizes that the United States is no match for Mexico in terms of illegal substances, but it is full of people who want to buy them. After starting a forbidden business, she becomes one of the richest and most influential women.

9 Snabba Cash is an Awesome TV Show – Swedish

Snabba Cash on Netflix

Snabba Cash shows the story of people trying to get money illegally. It’s similar to Money theft with its interesting plot and fine directorial work by Jesper Ganslandt. In Snabba Cash, there are three stories of characters united by a need for money. The first story is about a single mother, Leya, who cannot pay her rent.

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Leya gets involved in illegal activities in order to raise money for her business. The other characters are stories related to gangsters, like Salim, a violent gangster. During a shootout with other gangsters, the enemies he makes want to make his life hell.

8 The Great Train Robbery is a BBC crime drama series – English

The Great Train Robbery by BBC

The action takes place in 1963 when smart, fast and strong thieves rob a train. The Great Train Robbery is a delightful series that shows two scenarios. First of all, it shows the point of view of the thieves and how badly they staged a robbery. They were quickly able to rob an entire train. The other scenario features police officers, who do their best to find the criminals and the clues. It is a pleasure to watch what is happening in The Great Train Robbery.

seven Ozark will have a new season in 2022 – English

ozark byrde family charlotte marty wendy jonah

ozark shows the story of Martin Byrde, who gets into trouble because of a friend. The life of his family depends on him. Martin must launder millions of dollars and send it all to the leader of a drug cartel to save his wife and children. He finds a way out in the Ozarks of Missouri, where he will have a business with which he can earn millions of dollars. ozark shows character development and money laundering details in detail. Each scene is fiercely logical, and so the viewer’s interest is constantly engaged.

6 Undercover is a Belgian-Dutch TV show about drug exploitation – Dutch

Secret Drug Exploitation TV Show

Sheltered is inspired by real events and follows undercover cops trying to catch the world’s slipperiest criminal. The criminal, Ferry Bowman, is smart and strategic. There is little chance that the police can catch him and put him in jail.

For the first time, the police in Belgium and Holland unite to catch him. The Belgian cops send their best man, Bob Lemmens, and the Dutch cops send the smart Kim De Rooij. Bob and Kim team up to catch Ferry Bowman. They locate themselves near Ferry’s villa and try to catch him in the act somehow.

5 Breaking Bad has broken many records and won the sympathy of the public – English

Walter White in promotional images for Breaking Bad

breaking Bad has a fascinating history and quickly became one of the most popular television shows of all time. breaking Bad follows the hard life of chemistry professor Walter White, who struggles with his recent diagnosis of stage three lung cancer. To help his family’s financial situation before he dies, he slowly becomes the strongest drug dealer due to his chemistry skills.

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His knowledge of chemistry leads him to cook and produce methamphetamine professionally, selling it to every known gang. The audience loved it breaking Bad because of the charismatic character of Bryan Cranston and Walter, who develops each episode.

4 El Chapo is one of the most fearless drug lords – Spanish

Money theft

El Chapo was a fearless drug dealer and ambitious cartel boss. As a drug lord, he founded a cartel that grew into an international crime syndicate. He got his name because he was 5.5 feet tall. Chapo shows his early years as a member of the Guadalajara Cartel as he grew greedy for money and power. Eventually, he founded the Sinaloa Cartel, which shook the world.

Chapo is similar to Money theft in its atmosphere and themes, but the plot is noticeably different. The actor who interprets El Chapo is talented and asks no questions to the viewer.

3 Lupine is the best thief in the world – English

Lupine is the classic French story of Arsène Lupin. He is the best thief, and also a gentleman. Lupine wants revenge on a wealthy family because of his wrongfully convicted father. The public was delighted to see Omar Sy, one of the most talented actors, in the role of Lupin.

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He played the role of the thief perfectly, and fans of robbery series will love the plot of Lupine. Looking at Lupinefans think the actor would be perfect to play the role in the series Money theft. Lupine will also appeal to those who have already seen the Lupine anime and I loved it.

2 Narcos shows the true stories of all the most powerful criminals – Spanish

Pablo Escobar holding a Narcos bullet

It is always interesting to watch the lives of the most successful and notorious criminals in history. Narcos is the hit series based on the life of Pablo Escobar. In each episode, the plot is exciting, captivating and full of suspense.

The director’s work is to be commended, because Narcos keeps the viewer in tremendous suspense and does not let go until he wants to. The atmosphere itself is very similar to Money theft because here, fans can witness shootings, robberies and twisted plots.

1 Heist qualitatively shows the fascinating theft committed by ordinary people – Spanish

Heist Series

Robbery is a true story about a theft that cost thieves millions of dollars. William Guirola, Emree Franklin and Lisa Lord played their roles perfectly. The story is real and Netflix managed to create a series that audiences loved.

It is not surprising – the work of the director, the real story and the work of actors brought the quality of Robbery to unprecedented heights. fans of Money theft are sure to love Robbery because it features ordinary people who have achieved the impossible.

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