7 Moon movies or shows to watch after Moonhaven

With the current state of our planet right now, escaping to the Moon is looking more and more appealing. Writer Peter Ocko (Lodge 49) clearly feels it too, as evidenced by his latest creation, the AMC+ series, Lunar Haven. The drama stars Emma McDonald (Queens of Mystery), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Kadeem Hardison (Black Monday) and Dominic Monaghan (Lost) as a cast of characters who all end up in the utopian community based on the Moon. in our near (rather) future. Although the community is meant to be a tactile think tank working to find solutions to save humanity on doomed Earth, McDonald’s Bella Sway uncovers many secrets inside this slice of space “heaven.”

Of course, cinematic stories based on the moon date back to Georges Méliès’ 1902 film, A trip to the moon. But, they have certainly become more complicated and compelling over the past 120 years. With the premiere of Lunar Haven Today, July 7, on AMC+, SYFY WIRE was inspired to dig up more Moon-centric sci-fi stories worth exploring.

1. For all mankind (AppleTV+)

For all mankind is in the midst of its third season on Apple TV+ and the Moon has been central to all three seasons of its storytelling. The series features an alternate storyline for the Soviet-American space race, where the USSR actually defeats the United States in the race to land on the Moon, which creates a cascade of history-altering events. . With some great “what if” riffs on geopolitical outcomes and scientific progress driven by a more global space race, For all mankind also tells great personal stories about the astronauts, scientists, civil servants and NASA members who are behind the advancements that drive the seasons. Earth’s Moon is a central player in all of this, first as an initial target and then as a lunar outpost for several nations seeking to conquer Mars next. A highlight in episodic Moon/space storytelling on TV.

2. A way (Netflix)

A way (2020) only lasted one season on Netflix, but the drama starring Hilary Swank uses the Moon as a literal launching pad for NASA’s Mars mission expedition. Taking a more soapy/family drama angle to its storytelling, A way focuses on astronauts who leave their families behind as they cross new frontiers in space exploration. For moon fans, there are some cool moon sets in the early episodes as it helps prepare the astronauts for their longer mission. If you like family dramas like It’s us and parenting mixed with your space stories, then this series might be the perfect series for you.

3. Moon (2009)

Director Duncan Jones’ first film Moon received critical and popular acclaim upon its debut in 2009. It stars Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, an alternative fuel miner who heads up a lonely three-year project on the dark side of the moon. Separated from his family and the humans for the entire mission, Bell’s only companion is an AI named GERTY (Kevin Spacey), and let’s just say that relationship hasn’t left him in the best frame of mind. Go into this one pure if you can, because there are plenty of big twists to come as Bell nears his impending homecoming date.

4. Apollo 13 (1995)

Yes, the astronauts don’t actually make it to the Moon in Ron Howard’s now classic dramatization of the Apollo 13 mission, but the goal is to get there, so let’s not get any haircuts. Apollo 13 stars Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton playing the crew of NASA’s doomed return mission to the Moon. When their mission experiences early setbacks, the film turns into a thriller about how Mission Control scientists and the trio feverishly orbiting Earth solve the problem of how to get their lifeboat back to Earth safely. security. From cinematography to performance, Apollo 13 still holds up as a jaw-dropping watch that goes micro cheesy with its depiction of science and history.

5. From the Earth to the moon (HBO Max)

After the success of Apollo 13Ron Howard and Tom Hanks have come together to produce this 12-part miniseries that uses the docuseries format to tell the story of the Apollo program that took place from the 1960s through the early 1970s. actors and actual period footage, From the Earth to the moon is all about NASA taking to heart John F. Kennedy’s mandate to have an American astronaut be the first to walk on the Moon. Compelling and comprehensive, it will give Moon geeks plenty of context and history on how we arrived at Neil Armstrong’s walk on the Moon.

6. A great day (1989)

For those looking for lighter fare, Aardman Animation first introduced the world to Wallace and Gromit in the classic short, A great day. The Oscar-nominated claymation classic finds the two cheese-loving roommates building a rocket to take them to the Moon for a refill of cheese of choice. Once there, they encounter a coin-operated robot who yearns to return to Earth with them. Hilarious, silly yet heartfelt, the majority of the story takes place on the Moon so you’ll get your fill of the lunar landscape and some stellar laughs.

seven. Despicable Me (2010)

The Minions are still living their current box office moment, and that’s amazing because it’s been 12 years since the whole franchise kicked off in 2010 with Despicable Me. Many may not remember that the mission at the heart of this film is supervillain Gru’s plan to steal the Moon as the ultimate flex against his competition of villains. Seeking to shrink the Moon to make yoinking easier, Gru (Steve Carrell) and his Minions spend the movie staring at the large orb until they actually pull off their mad plan… then quickly discover the shrinking is temporary. Let’s just say gravitational pull is not good. As a jumpstart for the beloved ongoing franchise and a celebration of the Moon, this one is a fun adventure for families.

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