5 Adventure Games That Are Really Short (And 5 That Take Way Too Long)

The adventure genre makes up such a wide range of games that some titles have very little in common other than being, generally, story-driven and involving exploration to some degree. Whether it’s a short indie project or a sprawling open-world blockbuster, knowing when to complete a game is crucial; after all, an extended storyline can retroactively diminish an otherwise great experience.

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Even though the idea of ​​going on an adventure is associated with freedom and traversing the world, some fantasy adventure games barely make it past the five hour mark. Conversely, other titles last dozens and dozens of hours. In some cases, the length is justified; other times a game overstays its welcome. Here are five really short adventure games, plus five that could have been shorter.

The average time for each game to complete the main story, as collected by How long to beatwill serve as a reference.


ten Short: Firewatch (4 hours)

fire watch is a mystery adventure game set in the aftermath of the 1988 Yellowstone fires. Henry, a lookout working in the Shoshone National Forest, returns after a patrol to find his tower has been compromised and sets out to find the culprit. . Throughout his investigation, Henry communicates with his supervisor via a walkie-talkie.

fire watch builds paranoia through his remote surroundings, as Henry’s isolation leads to a sense of helplessness. Only four o’clock fire watch is a short sit that has a well-written story that maintains its plot until the very end.

9 Long: Assassin’s Creed III (16 hours)

Not bad Assassin’s Creed games overstay their welcome, but the the third entry the swollen length is particularly glaring since its core is not as strong as black flag, Originsor Odyssey. After a prologue that threatens to never end, Assassin’s Creed III suffers from rhythm problems that never stop.

While it might be good game design to periodically introduce new mechanics to keep things interesting, Assassin’s Creed III waits too long to fully open; just when it feels like the chains are really off, the main story begins to come to an end.

8 Short film: Brothers: the story of two sons (3 hours)

Starbreeze Studios follows two brothers as they travel to the Tree of Life to collect water to save their dying father. In addition to telling a coming-of-age tale for the younger sibling, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is about relationships, whether with family members, helpful strangers, or wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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Even if it only lasts a few hours, A story of two sons takes players on a captivating and satisfying adventure driven by emotion.

7 Long: Alice: Madness Returns (2 p.m.)

A hack and slash adventure game with platform elements, Alice Madness Returns is an imaginative reinterpretation of a literary classic that also features solid gameplay and stunning art. Although it has all the necessary ingredients to be a masterpiece, almost every chapter of Alice Madness Returns a little overstaying his welcome.

The levels could have been shorter, but Alice Madness ReturnsThe biggest issues are the platforming sections and the rather uninspired puzzles. That said, the game is still worth checking out.

6 Short film: Little nightmares (3.5 hours)

Blending puzzle, platformer, horror and adventure elements, little nightmares is an ambitious title that can be completed in an afternoon. Housed in a strange vessel called the Maw filled with terrifying creatures, a young girl must traverse five levels that become increasingly scary and difficult.

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little nightmares lives up to its name by delivering a suspenseful and atmospheric campaign that sticks with players long after it ends.

5 Long: Mafia III (22 hours)

Mafia 3 comes painfully close to being a great game; unfortunately, the mission’s monotonous design and a lack of polish keep it from reaching the heights seen by its predecessor. While the setting of New Bordeaux is quite magnificent, Mafia 3The open world of seems to exist primarily to extend the duration of the game, with side missions needing to be completed to advance the story.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the missions were interesting, but they boil down to repeating the same thing over and over as the player gradually takes over the game’s 10 districts. The main story is good, so it’s Too bad living it requires going through so much filler.

4 Short film: What’s left of Edith Finch (2 hours)

Told in the first person and without action, What Remains of Edith Finch is a story-driven adventure game that chronicles the titular character’s last visit to his family home. The Finch line has been plagued by a curse for generations that causes everyone but one to die through strange means.

What Remains of Edith Finch crosses several generations of the Finch family, shedding light on their life and eventual death. Only two o’clock What Remains of Edith Finch packs a lot of emotion and suspense into its short duration.

3 Long: Batman: Arkham Knight (16 hours)

Depending on whether the user loves or hates the Batmobile, their mileage will vary with respect to Batman: Arkham Knight. Of all the entries in the series, Arkham Knight has the longest main story, with a number of Batmobile-centric missions.

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While the vehicle controls work well, these polarizing sections are generally not as enjoyable as the on-foot segments and tend to drag. Unfortunately, Arkham Knight constantly returns to this mechanic throughout the campaign, which can make the whole experience feel like a chore if someone doesn’t like the Batmobile.

2 Short: Travel (2 hours)

Designed to be completed in one sitting, Journey takes players on an almost spiritual journey through a beautiful but desolate desert to a mountain in the distance.

Telling its story through visuals and iconography rather than words, Journey uses its fantastic soundtrack, sparse but absorbing storytelling, and atmosphere to create a personal, replayable experience. Despite its short length, Journey moves at a measured pace that never feels rushed.

1 Long: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (37 hours)

Like almost all major The Legend of Zelda Games, Twilight Princess delivers a thrilling adventure that ranks among the best of its respective era. That said, as one of the franchise’s longest-running entries, Nintendo’s 2006 adventure game can lag in places.

The first hours are particularly slow, even in The Legend of Zelda, and segments like finding Tears of Light and hide-and-seek sessions in the Lost Woods can be quite tedious. Although dungeons are generally great, Twilight Princess loses some momentum between these points as Hyrule isn’t that interesting to traverse.

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