15 Best Adventure Games For Android Offline In 2022

Main Features:

• This game is an ultimate retro role-playing simulation just like the first part
• Everything is completely personalized, ie; from the party to the players and the games room.
• A brand new campaign with dozens of locations, side quests and dynamic dungeons.
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4. Banner Saga 2:

Banner Saga 2 is an excellent continuation of the storyline of its first part. The new mechanics added in Banner Saga 2 enhance the already excellent gameplay and really make you think about your strategy in battle. Banner saga 2 is an award-winning story.
Main characteristics:

  • Banner saga 2 has great 2D battle sequences and good animations and effects.
  • The game continues the overall saga and lets you choose between the banner saga or embark on the adventure from the start.
  • True Viking myths inspire this game
  • It allows you to do. hard choices that later improve your vision
  • The soundtrack for this game is by Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory.

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5. PostKnight:

post knight

PostKnight is an adventure game about a knight having difficult and dangerous deliveries. Designed specifically to be an enjoyable RPG. It is also optimized for mobile devices. The time spent playing this game is worth it.
This game is really enjoyable although the difficulty spikes in new locations can be a little tricky. The art style of the game is very cute and the story is quite interesting.
Main characteristics:

  • By playing this game, one can easily improve his combat stats and adorn his rewards.
  • It’s the mixture of dangerous and different circumstances that keeps your interest.

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6. Broken Age:

broken age

Broken Age is a hand-animated puzzle-filled adventure game. This game features star actors including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Masasa Moyo. This game is actually the story of two teenagers who fight against the traditions that bind them. The adventurous game has 2D graphics and a good soundtrack. It’s a great family game! It’s also quite addicting! It’s a big game, using a lot of resources, but worth it.
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seven. Alchemica – Shop Simulation Crafting RPG:


It is a mysterious game filled with magic and adventure. This story is inspired by a young girl who returned home as an alchemist to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful merchant. Throughout her journey, she has had to face many obstacles that a player will help her overcome.
main Features
• Alchemica is a retro role-playing game with stunning hand-drawn pixel art graphics.
• The overall theme story of the game is very light with lots of interesting characters to interact with.
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8. Great mountain adventure:

Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is one of the new adventure games on my list. It is a skiing game with lots of thrill and excitement. The game includes racing and finding different items. In the game, competitors ski down different snow-covered hilly slopes. The map is vast. You can roam wherever you want and search for essential items. There is also a Time mode in the game where you have to beat time. Along with that, there are hidden areas and online leaderboards.

Main Features:

  • The game is designed with premium graphics.
  • The user interface is also simple.
  • There is varied gameplay which includes Boardercross, Slalom, Super G, Slopestyle, Big Air and Best drop line to name a few.
  • It also acts as an open world. You are free to move wherever you want.

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9. Odmar:


Oddmar is a scintillating adventure game developed by Leo’s Fortune. During the game, you are a striving Viking and your goal is to revive your honor. Our trip has this one mission to accomplish. You can play offline once the game is fully downloaded. There are a total of 24 levels in the game. If you complete them all, you win the game. The game is available for $4.49 on Google Play Store.

Main Features:

  • Oddmar has great gameplay, easy controls, and overall good design.
  • The game supports Google Play game saves and game controllers.
  • Meet new friends and enemies on your journey through magical forests, snowy mountains and treacherous mines.

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ten. Pokemon Go:

pokemon go

Many of us, myself included, were big fans of Toonami’s Pokemon series as kids. Guess what? A Pokemon game is now available and it is available absolutely free on Google Play Store. The gameplay is similar to the show. You roam the real world, searching for pokemon, battling in gyms, and more. There is a huge map and you need to search Pokemons and Gym trainers. It is one of the most adventurous games for Android.

Main Features:

  • You must travel with your Buddy Pokemon to help it grow stronger and earn points.
  • We have to participate in exciting battles in the gym.
  • During Raid Battles, you must team up with other Trainers to catch powerful Pokemon.

If you want to download the game, click on here.

11. Murder in the Alps:

Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps is one of my favorite adventure games. The story of this game is based on a popular crime novel. The gameplay is brilliant. The game includes a trip to the past. During the game, you live in the 1930s. You have a number of mysteries to solve. This is the best game for a person who has the ambition to become a spy. The story begins in a hotel in a beautiful location. But the mystery begins when one of the guests disappears.

Main Features:

  • A charming story with unexpected events.
  • You can enjoy hours of interactive gameplay and an interesting storyline.
  • There are many characters in the game with dark secrets.
  • The game’s graphics and sound effects are also brilliant.

If you want to download the game, click on here.

12. Ninja Warrior: Legend of Shadow

ninja warrior

Ninja Warrior is considered a legend in ancient mythology. So this game is basically based on the story of a Ninja warrior. In the game, the Ninja is a superhuman with incredible skills. The Ninja has several lives. But it’s not just that. To become a legendary warrior, the Ninja must be trained by an expert. The Ninja’s sole purpose is to protect hostages and infiltrate enemy lines to annihilate and destroy them. There will be many deadly obstacles in his way. He must overcome them all to achieve his goals.

Main Features:

  • The graphics of the game are amazing.
  • The gameplay and user interface are simple.
  • The sound quality of the game is also impressive.
  • There are 3 massive maps and over 40 levels.

If you want to download the game, click on here.

13. Diamond quest: don’t rush

diamond quest

Diamond Quest is an interesting adventure game available for Android. During the game, you are an intrepid explorer wandering deep in the temple forests of Angkor Wat, the castle dungeons of Bavaria, and the snow-capped glaciers of Tibet. The mission is to collect a wide range of gems from these dangerous landscapes. But finding gemstones is not an easy task. You have to break cobwebs, cut leaves and perform other efforts to find gems and jewels.

Main Features:

  • You can regenerate from the last checkpoint.
  • The graphics and gameplay are exquisite.
  • There are mystical tools like hammers, axes, etc.

If you want to download the game, click on here.

14. Counter Terrorist – Modern Critical Strike Ops 3D

Counter Terrorist is a shooting adventure game. You are acting as a sniper of a special forces group during the game. Your shooting skills will surely be tested in this game. Shoot more enemies to earn more points. Be the best shooter in every scenario. Choose the most suitable weapon according to each environment. You can become a star shooter in this game. There is a wide range of weapons available. Like guns, rifles, shotguns, grenades and many more.

Main Features:

  • There are realistic 3D graphics and charming animations in the game.
  • You can play various battlegrounds and a variety of exciting missions are also coded in the game.
  • The game has a simple user interface and brilliant gameplay.

If you want to download the game, click on here.

15. Jumanji: Epic Race

Epic Jumanji Race

You all must be aware of this famous old game. There is even a popular Hollywood movie based on this game. However, this one is a newer version. The story is about a precious jewel that has been stolen and we have to race to get it back to earn points. You have to dodge hyenas, climb high mountains, protect yourself from avalanches and much more. There are also wild beasts in the game. They must also be avoided.

Main Features:

  • There are four different ways to play this game.
  • You can even create your avatars.
  • There are splendid environments in the game.
  • The graphics are brilliant and the gameplay is very good.

If you want to download the game, click on here.


So these are the best adventure games for Android. There are hours of fun to be found in the games listed above, but in case the selection doesn’t quite match your style, we’re always on the lookout for great new games, let us know in comments below. adventure quest games are among the most unique of all games. They don’t fit into any category or genre and often they fit into several genres at once. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure
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