10 great adventure games that can be completed in under 7 hours

The continued increase in the importance of the gaming industry has resulted in the injection of more money into upcoming releases, making the games longer and more in-depth than ever before. Open-world games have become particularly popular, as many gamers appreciate the freedom they offer, as well as the length of their value for money. While long, open-world games are extremely popular right now, many players prefer the linear and structured experience that shorter games offer.

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The 10 entries on this list are all adventure games (including action-adventure, puzzle-adventure, etc.) that won’t take long to beat but deliver a well-built and meticulously crafted under 7-hour experience.

Tentacle day

Tentacle day

When people think of LucasArts today, their minds usually go straight to Star wars and Indiana Jones. However, by the 90s the company was also well known to gamers for their point-and-click graphical adventures. The games were popular with PC gamers thanks to their humorous dialogues, gripping game worlds, and ingenious puzzles.

Tentacle day is one of the most critically acclaimed graphical adventures of all time, especially because of how it struck a great balance of difficulty with its puzzles, something that many point-and-click games have had with struggling at the time.


A short hike

The art of the title A short hike

True to its name, A short hike is one of the shortest games on this list, as it will only take around 1-2 hours to complete the main story. The Independent Adventure was a creation of Adam Robinson-Yu and won the prestigious Seumas McNally Grand Prix at the Independent Games Festival Awards in 2020.

Nintendo Switch and PC game requires players to collect golden feathers that will help them achieve their main goal of reaching the top of the map. A short hike Also contains several side quests and activities to keep players occupied, such as treasure hunting and fishing.

Full throttle

Full Throttle - protagonist riding a bike

The second and final graphic adventure to be on this list, Full throttle was another creation of LucasArts. Even if Full throttle kept the humorous dialogue from previous games, it had a more serious tone, with players taking control of a biker gang leader named Ben.

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Full throttle, as well as those mentioned above Tentacle Day, are two of LucasArts’ many graphic adventures that have been remastered in recent years. Both remastered games are currently available on Microsoft’s Game Pass service.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos fighting a Minotaur

God of War: Chains of Olympus was the fourth game in the franchise to be released including the oft-forgotten mobile game God of War: Betrayal. The game released in stores in 2008 exclusively for PlayStation Portable and instantly became one of the most critically acclaimed titles for portable consoles.

Chains of Olympus didn’t try to reinvent the wheel and kept the same simple but addicting hack and slash gameplay that worked so well for the first two God of the war released.


Travel - landscape view

In a year when first-person shooters, action-horror games, and RPGs dominated the market, Journey published to provide a much more artistic and meditative experience than what was available at the time.

In addition to the beautiful artistic design, the game was also highly rated for its atmospheric and memorable music. The music for the game was orchestrated by Austin Wintory, who also worked on Abzû, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and To flow.

Mirror edge

Slide jump Faith

When the Electronic Arts trailer Mirror edge was released for the first time, gamers were immediately encapsulated by its impressive and bright art style and fast, free gameplay. The trailer is one of the most popular for a new IP address ever posted to YouTube, and it now has over 8 million views.

Mirror edge may not have become the instant classic that some have been expecting, but the game is still a great 6 hour adventure that gives players a real sense of speed. The sense of speed is especially evident with how the first-person perspective is more realistic and captivating than in most games, making players feel like they are truly in the protagonist’s shoes.

Stanley’s parable

an office in the dark.

2011 Stanley’s parable is an interactive drama that draws narratively from period textual adventures with its branching paths that rely on a narrator guiding the player. The story initially begins in the mundane location of a boring office, though the game may soon take drastic turns as players follow or disobey what the narrator (Kevan Brighting) says.

Stanely’s parable was one of the key games behind the rise of the “Let’s Play” YouTube channels, as people flocked to the site to learn the strangest paths possible and the YouTuber’s reactions to them. .

The devil can cry

Devil May Cry PS2 dante shotgun

The original The devil can cry was originally released exclusively for PlayStation 2 in 2001, before coming to many other consoles more than a decade later. Interestingly, the game was originally slated to be part of Capcom’s iconic horror series. Resident Evil, as the company sought to change direction following criticism of Resident Evil Zero lack of innovation. Capcom decided to make the game a new IP instead and developed what has become Resident Evil 4 for the D franchise.

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The The devil can cry the franchise is today recognized as one of the best in the history of the hack and slash genre, with the God of the war being one of its few competitors.

What remains of Edith Finch

Home of What Remains of Edith Finch

What remains of Edith Finch is a first-person exploration game, more commonly known as a “walking simulator”. As the name suggests, the game requires players to investigate Edith Finch’s past, as well as other members of the Finch family.

What remains of Edith Finch was highly regarded by fans and critics alike, exemplified by its massive Metascores between 88 and 92 on its four releases. Additionally, the game performed well at the game’s awards show, with accolades including a BAFTA for Best Game.


Stealth gameplay from inside

Inside is a puzzle-platform adventure developed by Playdead. The game is the successor to the critically acclaimed Playdead game Limbo, who could also have been on this list. Just like its predecessor, Inside has a less is more approach to its gameplay, music and artistic design, giving games their own unique charm.

Inside is one of the most critically acclaimed titles on this list, exemplified by its massive 93 Metascore on Xbox One. IGN was particularly impressed with the game, giving it a perfect 10/10 score and ranking it 85th on its list of the 100 best games of all time.

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