10 Choose Your Adventure Games To Play If You Loved Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black mirror: Bandersnatch plunged into the nostalgia that many who lived in the 1980s have for a book format called “Choose Your Own Adventure”. While the film was certainly innovative, the format was not new, as anyone who has read these books will recall.

One of the best aspects of the film was the re-introduction of this format to people who experienced it decades earlier, but it also introduced the concept of “Choose Your Own Adventure” to a new generation. As it turns out, there are tons of video games that adopted the format long before Black mirror: Bandersnatch happened, and these ten are the best of all.

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Until Dawn - Best Video Games 2015

Until dawn is a bloody bloody horror game that focuses on player choices, which are directly correlated with who survives the night. The game takes place in a secluded cabin where a group of teenagers are locked up for the night. As the player progresses through the story, they are presented with various choices to guide the gameplay.

The right choice in one case can allow several people to escape the horror while the wrong choice in another part of the story can result in the death of everyone. The game has a short enough playtime that it is fun to replay the game to see if you can’t bring out different people every time you play it.


While most “Choose Your Own Adventure” games follow a character as they progress through a story by making choices, His history is a little different. Play works by listening to interviews with a murder suspect from an old police computer. Choices come into play regarding how you listen to these tapes.

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Depending on what search terms you use and how much attention you pay to the dialogue, the story will play out in different ways. Ultimately, this will result in a heart-wrenching story with some weird and shocking twists and turns that will differ each time you play the game depending on the choices you make throughout.



Stanley's Parable

Stanley’s parable play a bit like Black mirror: Bandersnatch, but it also shares some similarities with earlier text games like Zork in that a big part of decision making is figuring out where you are going and what you do when you get there.

The game features narration that helps the player choose between one or more actions that ultimately drive the story. In the end, players can find themselves in one of the game’s many hilarious endings, which almost requires multiple games just to see how it could have gone with different choices.


Revealing Games ” The wolf among us follows the familiar corporate format of a graphics-intensive “Choose Your Own Adventure”, but with a twist. The game is a combination of a fantasy-noir adventure story, which shatters the genre and helps redefine it with its rich history and stunning graphics.

From small choices that seem to have little impact to bigger decisions that clearly define how the story unfolds, players are confronted with both to help explain how the story unfolds. It’s a game where decisions really matter, and because there are so many of them, no part will be the same as another.


Heavy Rain Video Game

Heavy rain is a great choose your own adventure game for the PS4 that involves trying to find and stop a killer. The Origami Killer is on the run, and it’s up to the player to find out exactly who is performing the deadly trumpet across town.

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The gameplay offers the possibility of making choices through dialogue interactions with different characters. As the player progresses through the game, saying the right thing could help find the killer while saying the wrong words could end up killing someone else, which makes this game incredibly dependent on the choices of dialogue more than anything else.


For anyone who’s ever used dating apps like Tinder, this might be the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game for you! In Reign: His Majesty, players have the option of making decisions by swiping left or right, but those decisions have an impact on how the game develops.

Each time you swipe from side to side, subjects in your kingdom will complete tasks and help you build and improve your gameplay. Your decisions based on their wishes will help build your dynasty, making it a fun yet simple game that follows the format.


Untold Stories

Stories Untold combines many familiar elements with Choose your own adventure Game-like form. Bringing together elements of text-based adventure, puzzle-solving and first-person exploration games, this episodic horror merges them all into a 1980s tech-themed adventure.

The game is set in England in 1986 (Quite close to Bandersnatch there), and has four episodes. Making the right choice will determine how everything turns out, as the player will determine exactly what type of story they want to play. Each episode begins as a kind of unique game until they all come together at the end to form a cohesive narrative.


Life is strange is one of those genre games that helped refine the “Choose your own adventure format in a new game format. The game follows the story of a teenager who can go back in time to make new decisions different from those made previously.

This is done in an attempt to uncover the secrets that plagued his coastal Oregon town. There are tons of mysterious elements spread throughout the game, which help make player decisions different every time they play Life Is Strange as they evolve into the inevitable fan twist of Bandersnatch are sure to love.


Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 Art

Built from the hit comics and television series, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season 1 tells its own unique story within the popular premise of the series. This game features the levels of suspense you would expect from a zombie horror title, but it gets intense as you progress through the game.

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Every decision you make determines how the story unfolds, but it’s not as simple as choosing one path or another. Many decisions will directly determine whether the people around you live or die, making this one of the most painful and intense games in the Choose Your Own Adventure format.


Undertale Title Screen

Subtitle is a unique type of game on this list because although it follows a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format, it does so in a totally different way from the other games listed here. Instead of making decisions based on dialogue or pathways, the story changes based on your interaction with enemies.

When you find an enemy, you have the option to fight them or befriend them. Whatever you decide, the gameplay will play out differently, and it could turn out to be a great story or end with a darker story, similar to how many viewers came to the end of Bandersnatch.

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