Catch the Moment 365: Week Thirty Four


Heeellloooo! *Think Robin Williams... Mrs. Doubtfire. 'I need a face' scene* Week thirty four! I feel like I say the same damn thing each week. I need to get some better opening lines. This was a great week for me. Not just creatively, but personally as well. Learned some new things this week in Lightroom, and have challenged myself to take a step back when taking photos next week. A good chunk of this weeks photos are up close and personal shots of the boys. I want to get some more 'in action' shots of them. Starting off with a trip to the Pacific National Exhibition ... or the PNE if you are local! I am very excited to challenge myself and see what I can come up with. Ok and I am stoked for BBQ, mini donuts and lemonade.... Linking up as always with some fabulous ladies. Stephanie over at Behind the Camera and Dreaming, Mindi over at Simply Stavish and Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer. Catch the Moment 365: Week Thirty Four 234 | 365 I'm coming … [Continue reading]

Back to School Shopping with RBC


You know those commercials that come on around this time of year? You know, the ones where the Mum's and Dad's are dancing around a store, back to school shopping and singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year?" - I fricken love those commercials, but it's so not my reality. The boys are not into shopping... like at all. Nor is Chris, so this year, rather than fighting the back to school shopping crowds and dragging the boys out, I am challenging myself to do most, if not all of Jimbo's back to school shopping on-line. If you are anything like me, I like to try and save a buck.. or two. Okay, I am always looking for ways to save money. I have a bunch of different points cards that I use on a day to day basis, and it's been more recent that I have actually been using those points to either save money, or redeem points to gain merchandise. If you are an RBC Rewards Visa cardholder like I am, you know collect points every time you use your Visa card. I knew that I was … [Continue reading]

Week Thirty Three and a Half #CatchtheMoment365


As promised, here is the other half of my Catch the Moment 365: Week Thirty Three. I would also say these are a little teaser from my trip to Edmonton. Hope you like them 231 | 365 Back to school 232 | 365 The Ledge 233 | 365 Sugarbowl   … [Continue reading]

The Best BBQ Ribs


Ribs have always been a meat I dislike cooking. Either I didn't let them boil long enough, or I burn them. Sometimes they turn out well, and other times they are down right horrible. Chris and I love ribs - and so do the boys. It's a funny meat for them to like, but James goes crazy for them. While we were away on holidays, one of our neighbors brought over a rack of ribs at dinner time. I could smell them cooking all day long and my mouth was watering just from the smell of them. I couldn't wait to dig in. HOLYGUACAMOLE! The ribs were fall off the bone tender and the sauce was amazing. I needed to have the recipe to share with all of you - and I was lucky enough to snag it. Seriously one of the best if not the best ribs ever! What you are going to need - This is enough for approx. 4 racks of ribs. Cooking Marinade: 1 cup strong coffee 4 Tbsp. vinegar 2 Tbsp. yellow mustard 4 cloves of garlic; minced 1 tsp. pepper 1 tsp. Chinese 5 spice 1 lemon 4 racks … [Continue reading]

Lancôme Grandiose Mascara Review


Mascara - a beauty product that just finishes off your whole makeup look. Mascara can transform your lashes from thin and light to thick, full and dark. I am guilty of trying brand after brand but I … [Continue reading]

Catch the Moment 365: Week Thirty Three


I didn't want to miss this weeks Catch the Moment, so I am doing half of week thirty three. I'll do catch up when I get home. Linking up with Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi at Simply … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday: James and Graham


Wordless Wednesday: James and Graham … [Continue reading]

Lemon Blueberry Scones

Lemon Blueberry Scone Feautre

I have to admit, I have never made scones before this, I don't know why I never tried making them before. They are freaking delish!! I came across this recipe, but have tweaked it a little and I am … [Continue reading]

The Journey Begins with a Heartfelt Thank You


Last week I confessed to everyone that I was struggling with depression. More like battling it. I was so nervous how everyone would react. It's not something I like going around and telling everyone. … [Continue reading]

Catch the Moment 365: Week Thirty Two


How are we already half way through August? Summer is going to done before we know it... and I am totally looking forward to the fall. This last week has been kinda crazy, but I did manage to pick … [Continue reading]